City of Baden, Switzerland, close to the Autexis site.
Autexis' Digital Factory is the manufacturing execution system for processing and packaging industries.



Villmergen, Switzerland



Within the Rotzinger Group, Autexis forms the competence center for Industry 4.0 and industrial IoT processes. The company consists of the two parts Autexis Control and Autexis IT. The portfolio of Autexis Control ranges from simple machine controls to complex process control systems for the food industry and other industries. Autexis IT develops and markets the "Digital Factory". This is a scalable MES software package that enables customers to lead their human resources and control processes from the sensor to the ERP. This enables customers to identify dormant potential that can be used to increase the efficiency of the company and improve the quality of the products. The Rotzinger Group has been a co-owner of Autexis since 2020. The company is based in Villmergen, Switzerland, and employs around 40 people. Among other industries, Autexis serves:
Food packaging
Pharma packaging
Cosmetics packaging
Confectionery production
Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT explained in a symbol photo.

Autexis: History

Autexis logo.

Autexis emerged from Hauser Steuerungstechnik AG, which was founded by Theo Hauser in 1982. Hauser Steuerungstechnik's portfolio included intelligent automation solutions ranging from consulting and project planning to the implementation of process automation and MES systems. In order to manage his succession, Hauser handed over the management of the company to Philippe Ramseier in 2012, who took over the majority of the shares in the following year as part of a management buyout. In 2015, the company was reorganized and the business was organized into two separate companies. Autexis Control AG on the one hand implements intelligent automation solutions for its customers, while Autexis IT AG offers IT and mobile solutions including consulting, strategy development and training on Smart Factory. Both companies are united under the umbrella of Autexis Holding AG. In 2020, Autexis and the Rotzinger Group entered into a strategic partnership under which Rotzinger acquired a minority stake in Autexis Holding. 

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