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Pharma MES 2023

We are excited to announce our participation as an exhibitor at Pharma MES 2023 in Berlin, the leading calendar event in Europe dedicated to Pharma and Biotech manufacturing. Visit us at booth number 10 to explore our innovative DF4 Pharma MES and our cutting-edge Track & Trace solution.

Pharma MES 2023 Teaser

In today's competitive life science industry, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are instrumental in achieving sustainable advantages. As market pressures intensify the need for improved product quality, cost reduction, and operational efficiency, MES solutions empower pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to respond dynamically to changing situations, such as production orders, machine states, and quality checks. They provide real-time information and serve as a vital catalyst for digitization and Pharma 4.0 initiatives.

Pharma MES Berlin is the benchmark event that brings together over 200 MES and manufacturing IT experts from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. It serves as a platform to discuss opportunities, optimize MES strategies, and showcase the path to next-level plant productivity and manufacturing excellence.

By visiting our booth, you'll have the chance to witness firsthand the power and capabilities of our DF4 Pharma MES. Our MES solution is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, enabling seamless execution of production orders, improved plant efficiency, increased productivity, and enhanced flexibility and agility throughout the manufacturing processes. Experience how our DF4 Pharma MES can revolutionize your operations and propel your business towards manufacturing excellence.

Additionally, we will be showcasing our advanced Track & Trace solution. With increasing regulatory requirements and the need for traceability in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, our solution provides a robust and comprehensive approach to ensure product integrity, safety, and compliance. Discover how our Track & Trace solution can streamline your supply chain, enhance visibility, and protect your brand reputation.

Join us at Pharma MES 2023 and be part of the conversation shaping the future of Pharma and Biotech manufacturing. Engage with our experts, explore our solutions, and unlock new opportunities for optimizing your MES strategy and achieving manufacturing excellence. Don't miss out on this remarkable event — visit us at booth number 10. See you there!