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BDK 2000 A

Cooking Without Water
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Quick facts

Hygienic design
Energy savings
Cost reduction
Up to 90% dry substances
Best uniform mixing of sugar and glucose syrop
Smaller buffer volumes
Direct cooking system feeding
Easy switch On/Off
Custom interface liquid/solid ingredients

The innovative continuous dosing and mixing unit BDK 2000 A makes it possible to produce a sugar glucose syrup solution without adding water to the recipe. This makes the unit especially suitable for the energy-saving production of, for example, hard candy and toffees, as well as binding masses for bars.

  • Energy savings and cost reduction
  • Produces solutions with a dry substance of up to 90%
  • Most uniform mixing of sugar and glucose syrup 
  • Continuous production process without large buffer volumes
  • Direct feeding of the cooking system is possible (without an additional product pump)
  • Production can be switched off and back on via a button, and no product loss
  • Interfaces for the additional dosing of liquid and solid ingredients
  • Continuous production or batch production in one machine
  • Laid out hygienic design
  • Intuitive control concept with recipe management
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up to 2000 kg/h
Sugar-glucose ratio
adjustable from 100/80 to 100/120
Control parameters
performance, sugar glucose ratio, dry substance
Gravimetric system
with load cells and flow meter for utmost dosing precision