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Tempering and filling machine

Quick facts

Modular system: adapted to your requirements
Compact design
Easy to clean
Easy to operate

The BFK filling machine continuously tempers and accurately delivers adjustable quantities of liquid, semiliquid or pasty products and has a precise metering and tempering system. The production of center-filled confectionery, such as hard candies, chewy candies, or chewing gum, is done in combination with the batch former or a Hansella extruder.

Modular system that can be easily adapted to customer requirements

Compact design: all components, such as the pump, product hopper, and control cabinet, as well as the tempering section with hot water heating unit, are assembled on one frame

Easy operation and cleaning for fast product changeovers

Constant filling rates

Wide application range: from liquid to pasty fillings, from hard sugar to chewing gum

Optional: optimized temperature control for the filling masses, flow meter, several types of the stirring unit




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500 kg/h
40–85 °C
Temperature fluctuation
max. ± 2 °C
1–40,000 MPAS
approx. 1.3 kg/L
Electrical connected load
9 kVA
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm
740 x 1200 x 1800