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BZK 1000

Filling degree up to 25% with rope diameter of 20 - 45 mm with a stripe percentage of less than 5%. High flexibility: suitable for crunchy products, filled or non-filled, hard and chewy candies and sugar-free products - forming an exactly dimensioned and homogeneous rope without any air inclusions. Filling of the rope is performed with a high degree of volume uniformity and centering precision. Optional: regulation of the filling percentage with flow meter.

Co-Extruder: Combinations with 2 different masses “side by side“, “center in shell“, striped.

Special design: Optionally, the vertical batch feeder can be used to feed the BAK for the production of simple products without using the extruder of the BEK.

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Up to 10.000 kg/h slurry
Volumetric capacity of the weighing container
180 L/ 360 L
Volumetric capacity of the supply tank
360/550/1.000 L