CPA 0410

CPA 0410, RPP - Product Page

The CPA 410 is available in different executions. With one or multiple camera systems and equipped with one or two label printers, there are executions available for aggregation of single cartons to cases only (CPA 410C) or with the possibility to aggregate the cases to pallet on the same station (CPA 410CP). 

Also special functionalities like OCV for case labels are available. The work-flow for case aggregation is as following: A operator packs a layer of cartons inside a case, all data matrix codes facing upwards. After a layer is complete, the operator push case below the camera, the camera is triggered via position sensor and the camera captures all codes in this layer automatically. Packing and code reading process will be repeated till case is completed. After a case is completed, a case label will be printed, applied and scanned manually to finalize the case aggregation. 

If equipped with pallet aggregation functionality, the work-flow is processed as following: As soon a case is completed and finalized, the case is scanned again before it´s moved to the pallet. After all cases of a pallet are completed and finalized, scanned again and placed onto the pallet, a pallet label will be printed, applied and also scanned manually to finalize the pallet. 

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