BAK 150 Rope Former

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Quick facts

Calibration with filled and non-filled rope batches
Wide range of products automatically formed and calibrated.

A centrally controlled heater is installed under every sizing roller;

Gentle rope reduction through infinite adjustment of the rotary speed for each pair of sizing rollers;

Setting parameters can be saved and retrieved by the push of a button;

Change of rope thickness by easily exchangeable sizing rollers;

Capacitive rope registration for optimum speed;

Effectors in the rope controller serve as a link to downstream machines to regulate the uniform supply.

Optional: vertically positioned pair of draw-off rollers, cover to meet the highest hygienic requirements;

Optional: additional sizing rollers (six at max.) and servo-motors for even smoother processing of the candy rope.

Pharmaceutical execution

Hansella configures the Uniplast forming line in an additional pharmaceutically usable version. The coating of the rope sizer is made out of FDA-approved material (therefore free from copper), as well as the scraper and downholder. To guarantee highest standards the table cover plate is made out of CrNi-steel 316.

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150 m/min, stepless adjustments
Electronically adjustable single-servo-drives
Connected loads
approx. 35 kVA
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1930 X 1320 X 1032 mm
1100 kg