CPA 0320

CPA 0320, RPP - Product Page

The CPA 0320 Integration Kit within the 3rd party bundler machines aggregate single cartons to bundles. The kit includes a HMI, a cabinet with an IPC, a manual scanner, cameras and sensors, mounting brackets and fittings. 

A sensor is placed at the “aggregation infeed”. This sensor detects bundles. With the signals from the encoder the bundle is tracked up to the machine outfeed. A label printer (from top) applies a label on top of the bundle. Afterwards the bundle code on this label is read by a scanner. 

A camera from back reads the code of each box in the bundle. This camera is triggered by the Line Management software. The result of Line Management (label + read label + read box codes) is requested by the bundler at the trigger position before the reject. If the bundle passes the sensor crosscheck (bundle is good) all DMCs or Barcodes of the bundle will be finally aggregated to the bundle serial number. A bundle with duplicate or invalid box cartons and/or labels will be rejected. 

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