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WRF Slab Former

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The continuous mixing process achieves highest production outputs, simultaneously ensuring a good, stable mixing quality. The patented mixing tool is designed such that during the mixing process, only minimum shear forces are exerted on the mixture. If any forces are exerted on the mixture, there is sufficient space inside the mixing trough to enable the mixture to give way easily. This ensures that for instance the airiness and fluffiness of the foam (of confectionery bars) is maintained or that fragile and large-surface fragments, such as flakes, nuts, and similar (of cereal bars) are not destroyed.


During the manufacture of foam nougat for a confectionery bar, the fat cocoa solution is very gently folded into the sugar foam (frappé). As no great shearing forces occur, the sugar foam retains its airiness.


The mixer-housing is of double-walled and can be tempered depending on the requirements of the mass. The mixing process may be monitored and optimised at any time. In addition, the speed is variably adjustable via a frequency drive. The mixing tool can be easily removed from the mass trough by means of a quick-release fastener or exchanged depending on the product.


A distribution unit at the mixer discharge guarantees an even filling and a balanced level of the hopper at the slab former.

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Working width
400-1500 mm
Adjusment range working width
± 50 mm
Carpet height
5-30mm, steplessly adjustable
Forming speed range
0.5-30 m/min or 1-6 m/min, frequency controlled
Roller temperature range
-20 and +60°C
Hopper volume
ca. 100 L
1700 kg