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WRW Equalizer

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WRW compression and sizing roller:
If loose or flexible masses are shaped into a slab (e.g. cereals, granola, muesli...), these subsequently have to be solidified and postformed via compression and sizing rollers. In the process, the bar height and specific mass weight are adjusted. The compression and sizing rollers are also equipped with a precise double heating coil control (“cross flow tempering system“), which ensures a constant and even roller temperature across the entire working width. As a standard, the roller surface is provided with an anti-adhesive coating, which prevents glutinous masses from sticking to it. In addition, a set of strippers including crumbs trays is available. The roller housings permit a good view of the mass slab. The universal machine base frame is suitable for the compression, sizing and profile rollers. Different roller combinations are thus feasible without a problem. The speeds of the compression and sizing rollers can be variably adjusted independent of each other via frequency drives. Both systems are equipped with lateral guide strips, which form the width of the mass slab. Manual adjustment of the optimum slab width is easy and simple. For cleaning purposes, the lateral guide strips can be removed from the retaining brackets without any tools (“quick-release“). The height of the rollers is adjusted manually via a crank handle. It is optionally possible to temper the guide strips.


WRW profile roller:

The profile/contour roller is responsible for shaping thebar. The profile gives the bar its unique appearance. Theindividual mouldings can be used to create classic and innovative shapes. These are mountable plastic units that can be slid onto the sizing roller and mounted. The profile roller is used to roll the extruded profile into the hot and mouldable mass slab. Depending on customer requirements, different profiles are used.


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