Revolutionizing Automation: Unveiling 'MultiFeeder,' the Ultimate Machine for Unmatched Flexibility and Performance

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Elevate Your Bottling Excellence with Multifeeder's Revolutionary Technology

Welcome to the future of bottle packaging with MULTIFEEDER - your gateway to unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility.

Our cutting-edge technology, embodied in the:
MULTI – materal, 
MULTI – funciton, 
MULTI – format solutions, 
revolutionizes the way you handle glass and plastic bottles.

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Key benefits

Elevate Your Bottling Excellence with Multifeeder's Revolutionary Technology

Welcome to the future of bottle packaging with MULTIFEEDER - your gateway to unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility.

Space Savings: Streamline your production line by eliminating unnecessary equipment and buffer conveyors.

Increased Efficiency: Our robotic system optimizes processes, enhancing overall production efficiency.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Minimize downtime and maintenance expenses with Multifeeder's reliable and low-maintenance solution.

Zero Changeover Times: Experience practically zero changeover times, ensuring uninterrupted production.

Customer Empowerment: Customize and add new format parts independently, putting you in control.

Traceability and Serialization: Ensure constant traceability of bottles and leverage serialization for track and trace capabilities.


What kind of materials can it work with?

The multiFeeder machines are multi-material so they can work with a wide range of materials such as plastic, glass, cardboard, metal, sustainable ultra-lightweight bottles and others.

Do we offer technical assistance?

Of course, we offer technical assistance from any of the group's centers. We also have the option of remote assistance.

What kind of maintenance does the machine require?

Maintenance is simple and intuitive, and we also offer after-sales service to accompany the process.

What is the speed of the machine?

The speed of the machine depends on the needs of the customer. We can work up to a maximum of 400 bpm.

Do I need qualified personnel to operate the equipment?

No, our aim is always to make the machine easy to operate and use. The machine is controlled from a screen with a very intuitive and visual system.

How many functions can I integrate into my multiFeeder?

In addition to container unscrambling, any other function can be added. For example: labelling, track&trace, ink coding, laser coding, rinsing, inspection, filling and more.

Can I implement this solution on an existing line?

Of course, we adapt to the characteristics of each company's production line.

What is the difference between the multiFeeder and the pickFeeder?

Unlike the pickFeeder, the multiFeeder allows you to integrate more functions in addition to unscrambling containers.

What sizes of packaging can it handle?

We work with all sizes as it can be customized. We have standard and XL machines depending on the needs.

Can I use the same machine for different formats?

Yes, this equipment is characterized by its flexibility. It automatically adapts to the formats thanks to its vision system, so adding new formats is not a costly or time-consuming operation.

What types of packaging?

Thanks to its intelligent vision system, the multiFeeder adapts to all types and shapes of containers: jars, vials, bottles... Automatically and without any format changeover.

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As the pharmaceutical packaging competence center within the Rotzinger Group, Rotzinger PharmaPack stands at the forefront of delivering comprehensive solutions. Specializing in packaging and cartoning for solid and liquid end products, as well as track & trace solutions for serialization and aggregation, we cater primarily to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. From bottles and vials to ampoules, jars, syringes, auto-injectors, pouches, and blisters, Rotzinger PharmaPack offers individual machines, complete systems, services, and MES software. Headquartered in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, we are your trusted partner for sophisticated pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging solutions.



Packfeeder specializes in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge machines dedicated to unscrambling bottles and containers. Our diverse portfolio caters to your needs, offering intuitive mechanical processes and state-of-the-art robotic solutions. Operating from the vibrant metropolitan region of Barcelona in Terrassa, Packfeeder serves a wide array of industries, with a focus on pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and personal care. Experience seamless and efficient bottle handling solutions with Packfeeder's innovative technology.


pickFeeder RANGE

All about Versatility

Our range of models, featuring one to four robotic units, adapts seamlessly to your project's unique needs. Automatic format changeovers and extraordinary versatility enable Multifeeder to handle an infinite range of products, customized to meet your specific requirements.

Revolutionize your bottling operations with Multifeeder's future-proof technology.

Whether you need one robot or a team of four, our system handles bottles up to 3L at a remarkable speed of up to 300 bpm. Welcome to a new era of efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility with Multifeeder!