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Digital Services

Batch data analysis, KPI dashboard, Smart-data generation for higher IT or Scalable to full Digital Factory functionalitie we are happy to advise you

Data acquisition / batch data analysis

To increase the solving time of a machine break down or any kind of service request, it is very important to understand what happens in detail before and after the incident. Collecting the machine data is the first step of being transparent. With the detailed analysis functionalities your and our technicians will solve the problem much faster. 


Your profit: 

•            Transparency 

•            Self service 

KPI dashboard

Our software provides already an overview of the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by calculating the availability, performance and product quality based on the collected data. Furthermore, you can easily access to all maintenance relevant data on one view. In our dashboards all calculated key performance indicators as well as machine data can be easily configured for different stakeholders.   

Your profit: 

•            Process optimization 

•            Efficiency analysis 


Smart - data generation for higher IT

Rotzinger machines provide a lot of data for detailed analysis. These data can be combined to your own KPI’s, focusing on production analysis or maintenance support. These precalculated information’s can be exported to your IT systems. 


Your profit: 

•            Combine process data 

•            Export 


Scalable to full Digital Factory functionalities

We offer process and maintenance optimization by collecting historical batch specific data in combination with user defined KPI’s. This is the base to digitalize your factory. Our modular digitalization platform can be easily upgraded to your needs up to a full paperless factory.  


Your profit: 

•            Increase competitiveness 

•            Full paperless production