Pick and Place robot picking bottle
Selection of beverage bottles


Chose a solution that maintains the best cleaning effect to improve the safety of your product. Save operation time and improve efficiency, save labor and ensure operation safety, and save cleaning water and steam. Stable hygiene level, saving the amount of cleaning agent.
Our beverage equipment can be large-scaled, and the automation level is high, increasing the durability of your production. equipment.

Choose your solution

BEK, HAN - Product Image

BZK 1000

High flexibility: suitable for crunchy products, filled or non-filled, hard and chewy candies and sugar-free products.

Bottle Puck Loader, PFB - Product Image

Bottle puck loader

This module adapts to any of the Packfeeder bottle unscrambler ranges and also, to already existing packaging lines that use pucks to transport products.  

Bottle Orientation, PFB - Product Image

Bottle orientation

The Packfeeder orienting modules provide fast and effective solution to the feeding requirements.

Bottle Cleaning, PFB - Product Image

Bottle cleaning

Our bottle cleaning solution respond to the needs of packaging lines, especially in demanding environments where hygiene requirements are high. 


pickFeeder System

This robotic unscrambler, configurable with one, two, three or even four robots, offers a wide range of applications and possibilities.

In-Line System, PFB - Product Image

In-Line System

The in-Line series from Packfeeder has a wide range of systems and models of machines for unscrambling bottles.


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