Soft candies.
Zoom on melting candies.

Candy production

Complete turn-key solutions


HANSELLA offers turn-key solutions for the candy production, from raw material handling and mass preparation to forming and cooling, including complete documentation packages. 

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BPK,HAN - Product Image

Uniplast Forming Line

Hansella die forming lines achieve the highest quality standards while producing up to more than a million candy pieces per hour, with a rope speed of up to 240 m/min. The broad portfolio enables the production of various products from fi lled chewing gum pillows, to highly fi lled hard candy and very small candy as well as ring-eye candy.

BLS, HAN - Product Image

Candy Kitchen

Hansella kitchens are perfectly designed to produce hard candy, chewy candy, toffee and caramel masses. The great variety of heat exchangers (pipe bundle, coil, scrapped surface) ensures the final mass’s optimal quality. 


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