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BBK HM, HAN - Product Image


The core of this continuous aeration system is the stainless steel mixing head, which consists of a stator and a rotor. Many stainless steel pins are mounted on the rotor and stator to guarantee a thorough mixing and distribution of the mass. 

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BDK 2000 A

The innovative continuous dosing and mixing unit BDK 2000 A makes it possible to produce a sugar glucose syrup solution without adding water to the recipe. This makes the unit especially suitable for the energy-saving production of, for example, hard candy and toffees, as well as binding masses for bars.

BFK, HAN - Product Image


The BFK filling machine continuously tempers and accurately delivers adjustable quantities of liquid, semiliquid or pasty products and has a precise metering and tempering system. The production of center-filled confectionery, such as hard candies, chewy candies, or chewing gum, combines with the batch former or a Hansella extruder.

BAK, HAN - Product Image

BAK 150 Rope Former

Filled and non-filled rope batches are automatically formed and calibrated for the widest range of products and led to downstream machines.

BKK 0750, HAN - Product Image

BKK 0750

Continuous cooking machine for high- boiled, deposited and low- boiled candies.

BDS HM, HAN - Product Image

Candy kitchen

Hansella kitchens are perfectly designed to produce hard candy, chewy candy, toffee, and caramel masses. The great variety of heat exchangers (pipe bundle, coil, scrapped surface) ensures the final mass’s optimal quality. 

BBK HM, HAN - Product Image

Bar Kitchen

From a small binder cooker to continuous high-capacity nougat and caramel candy bar kitchen, Hansella offers a complete range of bar kitchens. 


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