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Cartoning product


Efficient cartoning solutions for businesses of all sizes


We have a customer-oriented technology development culture, resulting in a portfolio from single machines to fully integrated systems. From our carton forming and sealing solutions, integrated top-load, end-load (and wrap-around) cartoning to our product handling options – we can provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

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CAR-T5, RPP - Product Page


Solid construction 

Long operating life.

Functional reliability also with lower carton qualities. 

CUT 1405, RPP - Product Page

CUT 1405

Absolute flexibility for in-feed systems, formats and closure options. Large format range with a small footprint.

CUK Series, RPP - Product Page

CUK Series

High flexibility through modular mechanical equipment for the combination of feeding and closing variations.

CUC Series, RPP - Product Page

CUC Series

Absolute flexibility for in-feed systems, formats and closure options. Outstanding ergonomics and fulfillment of cGMP regulations.


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