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Our know-how

A capable partner is the basis for successfully implemented projects.

Turnkey systems: We take overall responsibility that everything runs as planned.

In addition

to individual machines, we offer complete turnkey systems for food and confectionery as well as pharma, cosmetics and other industries.
Depending on the industry and customer requirements, these systems cover a different number of process steps. In the corresponding projects, the individual sites of the Rotzinger Group work hand in hand, For individual process steps, we trustfully cooperate with partner companies or with third-party suppliers preferred by the customer.

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Pick-&-place robotics

Robotics pioneers

We are robotics pioneers. The Delta robot was developed in the 1980s at the technical university in Lausanne and put to use at Demaurex, now a member of the Rotzinger Group. Demaurex acquired the license for the Delta robot when it was launched on the market and has since built up enormous know-how and experience in the field of pick & place robotic systems. Within the Rotzinger Group, we use such systems for the following industries and applications:
Food and confectionery: Primary packaging of naked products as well as secondary packaging or cartoning.
Pharma and cosmetics: Unscrambling bottles and other containers as well as cartoning a wide variety of containers, in particular bottles, jars, vials, ampoules, syringes, auto-injectors, pouches, blisters and tubes.
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Product flow regulation and cooling

The efficiency booster for your packaging processes

Our buffering solutions ensure that the process and packaging part of your food or confectionery production are perfectly balanced. The result is almost one hundred percent utilization of your packaging machines.

Are you aiming for maximum utilization of your packaging machines with the smallest possible footprint and also minimum waste? We can offer you a wide range of solutions to help you achieve these goals. These solutions range from comparatively simple flex feeder systems to belt buffers of various capacities to sophisticated gondola buffers. All these solutions are fully customized to your processes and the available floor space. Our solutions separate the production process from the packaging process and synchronize these two processes. The result is nearly one hundred percent utilization of the packaging machines. 

As an extra, we offer to enclose your specific storage system and equip it with cooling technology so that it becomes a cooled buffer. We are the only supplier in the market with such extensive know-how in both product flow regulation and cooling. The advantages of integrating the cooling process into the regulation of the product flow are consistently high product quality, minimal space requirements, and high energy efficiency. 

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Available floor space, delicate products, packaging with extreme dimensions, there are numerous other reasons why a solution must be designed and manufactured according to specific customer specifications. We love such challenges, which are not the exception but the rule in some of our industry segments. Put our know-how to the test. 

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