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Without contamination due to particles in suspension and easy to clean


Packfeeder has long-standing experience in manufacturing systems for feeding and unscrambling plastic bottles in the food sector. This equipment has clean technology and is free from contamination due to particles in suspension, which enables compliance with the most demanding health requirements of the food industry. For applications that require them, Packfeeder has developed blower/suction systems that integrate seamlessly with the bottle unscrambling system, keeping all its advantages intact. These characteristics combined with easy cleaning thanks to its fully accessible design, have led the Packfeeder bottle sorter systems to become a benchmark for leading companies in the sector.

Choose your solution

Bottle Puck Loader, PFB - Product Image

Bottle puck loader

This module adapts to any of the Packfeeder bottle unscrambler ranges and also, to already existing packaging lines that use pucks to transport products.  

Bottle Orientation, PFB - Product Image

Bottle orientation

The Packfeeder orienting modules provide fast and effective solution to the feeding requirements.


Bottle cleaning

Our bottle cleaning solution respond to the needs of packaging lines, especially in demanding environments where hygiene requirements are high. 

Rotzinger Group - Packfeeder's robotic unscrambler pickFeeder

pickFeeder System

This robotic unscrambler, configurable with one, two, three or even four robots, offers a wide range of applications and possibilities.


In-Line System

The in-Line series from Packfeeder has a wide range of systems and models of machines for unscrambling bottles.


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