Selection of different kind of chewing gums.
Chewing gum processing machine from Hansella.

Gum production

State-of-the-art equipment for the industrial production of chewing gum.

Modern chewing gum production

Based on TOGUM technology, HANSELLA offers rolling & scoring lines, cut&wrap-lines as well as Uniplast forming lines for the production of chewing and cubble gum.
From small scale production up to fully automated high speed lines to form chewing gum mass into pellets, sticks or tabs with an output of up to 4500 kg/h, HANSELLA offers turn-key solutions from kneader, pre-extruder, and pre-cooling tunnel up to rolling & scoring mill, stacker, and breaking drum.

Choose your solution

BFK, HAN - Product Image


The BFK filling machine continuously tempers and accurately delivers adjustable quantities of liquid, semiliquid or pasty products and has a precise metering and tempering system. The production of center-filled confectionery, such as hard candies, chewy candies, or chewing gum, combines with the batch former or a Hansella extruder.

BAK, HAN - Product Image

BAK 150 Rope Former

Filled and non-filled rope batches are automatically formed and calibrated for the widest range of products and led to downstream machines.


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