Nutrition bars during the manufacturing process on Hansella equipment.
Fanning machine for bar production from Hansella.

Bar production

HANSELLA's Contilines for bar production are highly flexible and are characterised by excellent efficiency.


They consist of a bar kitchen, a slab forming equipment, a cooling tunnel and a cutting and fanning combination and are designed for the production of cereal, protein, functional, fruit, brittle, and candy bars.

Choose your solution

WRF, HAN - Product Image

Contiline Bar Forming

The Hansella Contline is a highly flexible bar production system. Consisting of bar kitchen, bar slab forming equipment, cooling tunnel, and cutting combination. It is designed to produce cereal, protein, functional, fruit, brittle, and candy bars.

Processing of fluid chocolate.

Tempering systems

MF-hamburg offers a wide range of tempering systems including plate-, screw- and mini temper for various applications.

BDS HM, HAN - Product Image

Bar Kitchen

From a small binder cooker to continuous high-capacity nougat and caramel candy bar kitchen, Hansella offers a complete range of bar kitchens. 

WRU, HAN - Product Image

Enrobing System

MF-hamburg enrobing equipment offers unique features for highest product quality and efficient production. From bottom enrobing over complete enrobing up to enrobing with decoration, MF has the right solution.


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