Hygiene conveying belt with pullnose from Transver with biscuits on it.
Selection of different biscuits.


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The manufacture of a complete line for biscuits packaging requires a vast knowledge base of
the Industry and understanding of its fundamental concepts. With 50+ innovative systems delivered every year, our biscuits handling leader of complete line solution propose you a fantastic combination of flexible robotic distribution, conveyors, and buffering systems.

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Hector, Hektor DMX - Product image

Hector - Former, toploader and closer

Hector is a carton former, robot cell for pick-&-place processes and carton closer integrated into one single machine. Hector is compact. Only around half the floor space is required compared to commercially available solutions. Learn more >>

Astor, DMX - Product picture

Astor - Assortment pick and place

The Astor cell is mainly used to establish assortments in predetermined packaging units. The highly flexible system adapts to your requirements and the seasonal packaging units. Each infeed consists of a vision system which recognizes your products and places them in the correct position in the incoming blister on the main conveyor. Learn more >>

BBK HM, HAN - Product Image

Bar Kitchen

From a small binder cooker to continuous high-capacity nougat and caramel candy bar kitchen, Hansella offers a complete range of bar kitchens. 


Enrobing System

MF enrobing equipment offers unique features for highest product quality and efficient production. From bottom enrobing over complete enrobing up to enrobing with decoration, MF has the right solution. 

WRC, HAN - Product Image

WRC Cooling Tunnel

MF and HANSELLA cooling tunnels in complete stainless steel execution and with easy-to-open hoods are easy to operate and maintain.


Nestor - Denester

No matter how complex the requirements are, our objective is to create a 0-waste system for you. 

The vision system recognizes the type of the incoming product and fills the precisely disposed blisters. Learn more >>


Presto - loading of multipack wrappers and cartoners

The Presto robotic cell is a smart combination of a pick and place delta robot and a feeding and grouping unit. Thereby, the delta-robot picks individual products or a group of food or non-food products and loads them in a multipack wrapper chain or in the chain of a side-load cartoner. Learn more >>

Delfi, DMX - Product Image

Delfi - Feedplacer

Products are taken over from a random production line and fed to the individual wrapping lines.


The smart automatized product distribution convinces with highest flexibility and efficiency by frequently changing product ranges and packaging formats. Learn more >>

Paloma Top & Side Loader, DMX - Product Image

Paloma - Toploader and sideloader

Paloma is our high-performance robot cell. It is a top loader and feed placer able to pick and place products with vision-guided high speed delta robots into cartons, cases, thermoforms, flow-wrappers and cartoning machines. Learn more >>

Belt Bend, TRV - Product Page

Belt Bend

Safe transportation of Food and Non-Food products. Standard belt widths between 200 mm and 2500 mm (in steps of 50 mm) with angles between 30° and 270°.

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