Delta robots pick unpacked tortillas and place them on a conveyor belt.
Delta robots picking unpacked tortillas.

Primary packaging

The world's pioneer of the Delta robot is here.


Demaurex is a worldwide leader in parallel robotics to industrial packaging. Demaurex offers flexible automated solutions for product placement and feeding through Pick and Place of bag forming, cartoning machines, or thermoformers. With over 90 associates, many of whom have been with the company for decades, the comprehensive delivery program serves the chocolate, biscuit, snacks, and baking sectors.

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Gemini 5

The Demaurex's real-time operating system optimizes perfectly your delta robot's application productivity. Our controller placed right at the heart of the machine ensures unparalleled accuracy and precision in synchronizing the actions required for the perfect handling of your products. Experience the seamless synergy that elevates the excellence of your products handling process. All these in a user-friendly interface.


Robot With Integrated Buffer

Unleash the power of innovation - Introducing the Integrated Buffering Robot for a lean, agile, and profitable factory.

Hector, Hektor DMX - Product image

Hector - Former, toploader and closer

Hector is a carton former, robot cell for pick-&-place processes and carton closer integrated into one single machine. Hector is compact. Only around half the floor space is required compared to commercially available solutions. Learn more >>

Astor, DMX - Product picture

Astor - Assortment pick and place

The Astor cell is mainly used to establish assortments in predetermined packaging units. The highly flexible system adapts to your requirements and the seasonal packaging units. Each infeed consists of a vision system which recognizes your products and places them in the correct position in the incoming blister on the main conveyor. Learn more >>


Nestor - Denester

No matter how complex the requirements are, our objective is to create a 0-waste system for you. 

The vision system recognizes the type of the incoming product and fills the precisely disposed blisters. Learn more >>

Delfi, DMX - Product Image

Delfi - Feedplacer

Products are taken over from a random production line and fed to the individual wrapping lines.


The smart automatized product distribution convinces with highest flexibility and efficiency by frequently changing product ranges and packaging formats. Learn more >>

Paloma WD, DMX - Product Image

Paloma WD

The Paloma WD intends to process products arriving on a conveyor in a random position and place them in cartons, cases, blisters, or even directly in a machine chain such as a flow pack. The modular design of Paloma WD allows it to integrate at the end of any production process efficiently.

Selection of enrobed donuts.

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