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Rotzinger takes measures to protect the planet.


The question is not whether climate change will affect us, but how severely

We still have the options for action to leave intact habitats for future generations. But we have to act today or to say it with the winner of the Shackleton Medal 2022 and polar explorer Dr. Heïdi Sevestre: "It's now or never." In the Rotzinger Group, we are aware of this responsibility. Therefore, we have taken measures to minimize our own CO2 footprint as well as that of our customers.

In its new building, Damaurex uses a large photovoltaic system to produce electrical energy.

New building in Vufflens-la-Ville

In March 2023, our subsidiary Demaurex will move into its brand new production and administration building in Vufflens-la-Ville near Lausanne. This is located right next to the train station. We hope that this incentive will encourage as many employees as possible to travel by train in the future.  In addition, far-reaching measures to save and produce our own energy were taken into account in the planning of the new building. Two examples: 

The entire roof area of the building is used for a photovoltaic system. On an area of 1266 square meters, a total of 666 PV modules produce almost 300 MWh of electricity per year. This is about twice the amount of electrical energy we need for our own purposes. The amount of electrical energy in excess of this can supply up to 60 three-person households.

The room temperature is regulated with cold and hot water through special sound-absorbing ceiling panels:
1. We generate the hot water we use for heating in the cold season with the help of geothermal probes, thus consuming neither fuel oil nor natural gas.
2. In hot weather, we cool the rooms in an energy-saving way simply with cold water and thus do not use electricity for an energy-consuming air conditioning system.

In addition, numerous lower-impact measures are implemented that, taken together, help to significantly reduce our electricity consumption. These include, for example, the automatic regulation of lighting and the use of energy-efficient electrical appliances. Of course, we are also implementing such measures at our other sites. We are also planning energy-saving renovations at other Rotzinger Group sites. 



Saving energy with Rotzinger

Thanks to specific measures on our products, we enable our customers to produce in an energy-saving way. Three concrete examples:
Eco Save Pack by Rotzinger PharmaPack and Faller Packaging

Eco Save Pack for pharmaceutical products

Recyclable materials for packaging are very popular in the market and are in corresponding demand. To meet these demands in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Faller Packaging and Rotzinger PharmaPack have intensified their cooperation to jointly design sustainable packaging. For example, they developed the Eco Save Pack, an innovative packaging based exclusively on cardboard. The aim was to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a sustainable secondary packaging that can be used flexibly for different pharmaceutical products and at the same time offers greater protection for fragile products such as syringes, vials and ampoules. 

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Energy Recovery System (ERS) for candy production

The basic mass from which candies are made usually contains about 20 percent water. The finished candies, on the other hand, have a significantly lower water content, depending on their consistency. In the case of candies, for example, this is around two percent. This means that water has to be boiled out of the base mass using oil or gas. As a rule, the resulting water vapor is released into the atmosphere as exhaust steam. We offer our candy kitchens with ERS. The ERS uses the vapor to preheat the base mass before cooking. ERS can save up to 20% of the energy needed to boil the water.
Thanks to the Energy Recovery System, candies are produced with less energy.
Packfeeder's in-line series unscrambles containers without compressed air.

No compressed air for bottle unscrambling

Our Spanish subsidiary Packfeeder develops and manufactures machines for unscrambling bottles and other containers. The mechanical systems of the in-line series do not require compressed air, unlike the products commonly available on the market. This brings considerable advantages. For example, the machine operator's exposure to loud noises and flying particles is significantly reduced. In addition, no electrical energy needs to be expended to produce the compressed air. Electricity consumption is reduced to a significant extent thanks to these machines. 

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Rotzinger takes measures to protect the planet.

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