Rotzinger PharmaPack Blister TLT-1400 machine
Blister packaging filled with pills.


Automatic packaging of products in blister packs.


For the primary packaging of pharmaceutical products safe, flexible and compact machines are needed. Our complete solutions ensure that all requirements for current pharmaceutical production and safety are guaranteed. The consistent separation of the production and drive areas, as well as the complete encapsulation of the product feed zone, ensures that product and the packaging material remain completely protected.

Enhancing Pharmaceutical Packaging Safety with TLT 1400-B

It's not just a machine; it's a commitment to safety and compliance. Designed to handle Solida-products like tablets, capsules, and dragees, this machine seamlessly works with standard thermoforming and aluminum foil. Whether you're a pharmaceutical manufacturer or looking to upgrade your packaging capabilities, the TLT 1400-B is the ideal choice.

Choose your solution

CPA 0110, RPP - Product Page

CPA 0110

The CPA 0110 Rework Station is connected to level 3 site management systems. It is equipped with an HMI, a serial number generator, and a label printer. Further, a hand scanner enables the operator to scan codes and rework batches. 

CUT 1405, RPP - Product Page

CUT 1405

Absolute flexibility for in-feed systems, formats and closure options. Large format range with a small footprint.

CUK Series, RPP - Product Page

CUK Series

High flexibility through modular mechanical equipment for the combination of feeding and closing variations.

CUC Series, RPP - Product Page

CUC Series

Absolute flexibility for in-feed systems, formats and closure options. Outstanding ergonomics and fulfillment of cGMP regulations.

CAR-T5, RPP - Product Page


Solid construction 

Long operating life.

Functional reliability also with lower carton qualities. 


Presto - loading of multipack wrappers and cartoners

The Presto robotic cell is a smart combination of a pick and place delta robot and a feeding and grouping unit. Thereby, the delta-robot picks individual products or a group of food or non-food products and loads them in a multipack wrapper chain or in the chain of a side-load cartoner. Learn more >>

Paloma Top & Side Loader, DMX - Product Image

Paloma - Toploader and sideloader

Paloma is our high-performance robot cell. It is a top loader and feed placer able to pick and place products with vision-guided high speed delta robots into cartons, cases, thermoforms, flow-wrappers and cartoning machines. Learn more >>


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