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Our Background

Learn here where we come from, who we are and what is important to us.

About us

The Rotzinger Group emerged from Rotzinger AG in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland. It was founded to federate the growing number of companies. Currently, eight companies with own products belong to the Rotzinger Group: Autexis, Demaurex, Hansella, MF-Hamburg, Packfeeder, Rotzinger, Rotzinger PharmaPack and Transver. Some of their respective histories go back a long way. Hansella, for example, was founded in 1921, while Rotzinger PharmaPack's oldest predecessor company was founded as early as 1861. Since 2022, the Rotzinger Group has also had its own sales and service company in the USA. 


In the beginning, the portfolio of the Rotzinger Group consisted of conveying and buffering systems for product flow regulation. Today, the Group offers individual equipment and turnkey systems for the production and processing of confectionery as well as for the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products. In addition, the Rotzinger Group offers solutions for the digitalization and networking of production and packaging processes. Rotzinger customers can also rely on first-class 360-degree service. Our aim is to help our customers to reduce the unit costs of their products. 


Rotzinger Group is part of Fourtec, a family of four friends, all in senior management positions. The group employs nearly 500 people worldwide at locations in Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the USA. The headquarters of the Rotzinger Group is located in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland. 


At Rotzinger Group, we enjoy doing business and are equally excited about each and every new customer as well as the many customers who keep coming to us with new projects. 

Our promise

We improve our products and services for our customers, day by day.