Hygiene conveyor belts move bisquits on multiple levels.
Hygiene conveyor belts move bisquits on multiple levels.

Hygiene conveying

Flexible and innovative belt solutions


Look at this extensive conveyor portfolio, including straight belts, curves, angular belts, and various versions of function conveyors. Efficient belt edge control, belt intersections, belt, roller scrapers, and quickly adjustable guides are essential features of Transver belt systems. Reliable transport even of most miniature products via belt edges with diversion rollers adapted to your product size. Hygienic design features reduce soiling and ensure short servicing and cleaning times. In the harshest environments, also in wash-down execution. Since 1962, loyal customers have appraised Transver for its continued innovation and flexibility on belt solutions. 

Choose your solution

Gemini 5

The Demaurex's real-time operating system optimizes perfectly your delta robot's application productivity. Our controller placed right at the heart of the machine ensures unparalleled accuracy and precision in synchronizing the actions required for the perfect handling of your products. Experience the seamless synergy that elevates the excellence of your products handling process. All these in a user-friendly interface.

Straight Belts, Product Image - Transver

Straight Conveyors

The Transver Straight Conveyor has a modular structure and is assembled according to your requirements, such as friction and cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Belt, Product Image - Transver

Hygienic Conveyor for dry Cleaning

Its tape was designed with the most important attention to avoiding dirt particles and crumbs.

Belt Bend, TRV - Product Page

Belt Bend KC

The Transver type KC belt bend is built to a high standard of hygiene thanks to easy access, open design, and standardized stainless steel, providing numerous options. It, therefore, fits perfectly for applications in the food and non-food industry.

Angle Belt, TRV - Product Page

Angular conveyor

This exclusive solution is Ideal for careful product handling, e.g. for Spreading of products, Transverse discharge of products, Transverse discharge and alignment in product flow direction.

Distribution System, ROT - Product Image

Cross feeding stations

Continuous feed to a packaging line. A regular infeed of products, only few and marginal speed changes and correct product alignment are essential for trouble free operation of a packaging line.


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