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Quick facts

Low maintenance cost
Fast and easy belt changing
Very compact dimensions
Precise belt tracking
Gentle transition
Wide range from 150 mm to 2400 mm width
Up to 40 m length
Up to 150 m/min
Washdown version available
Choose flip-up belt support for easy access and cleaning

The Transver Straight Conveyor has a modular structure and is assembled according to your requirements, such as friction and cleaning. It is built to a high standard of hygiene thanks to easy access, open design, and standardized stainless steel, providing numerous options. It, therefore, fits perfectly for applications in the food and non-food industry.    

Whether you choose the ceiling suspension or the driven side guides, all components are coordinated to ensure easy servicing and reliability. The use of small, cylindrical end rollers of 10, 14 mm, or knife edges with a 3 mm radius allows gentle and precise transportation of even the most miniature products.  

Ask flip-up version for easy cleaning. 

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