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Paloma - Toploader and sideloader

The high performance is here.
Paloma Top & Side Loader, DMX - Product Image

Quick facts

High density setup
Up to 100 ppm (highspeed) and 80 ppm (normal speed)
Primary and secondary packaging
Infeed width 500 to 1500 mm
Top loading or side loading
One or two outfeed legs
Up to six robots
Scalable: multiple cells/line
Vision integrated

Paloma is our high-performance robot cell. It is a top loader and feed placer able to pick and place products with vision-guided high speed delta robots into cartons, cases, thermoforms, flow-wrappers and cartoning machines. 

Paloma was designed to meet the demand arising from the growing diversity of products offered by supermarkets and retailers. 

Your incoming products on the main conveyor are identified by the vision system and placed correctly oriented in the feeding of the following process. The system can handle both unpacked and packed products. 

The modular construction of Paloma makes it possible to integrate an infeed chain of the wrapper (horizontally or vertically) and to feed it with correctly oriented products. 

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