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Hector - Former, toploader and closer

The all-in-one cartoning solution
Hector, Hektor DMX - Product image

Quick facts

Up to 150 cartons min
Integrated former & closer
Compact footprint
Solutions for production speed up to 200 ppm
Choose Paloma or Presto setup

Hector is a carton former, robot cell for pick-&-place processes and carton closer integrated into one single machine. 

Hector is compact. Only around half the floor space is required compared to commercially available solutions. 

Hector is flexible. An enormous number of applications and configurations are possible. Complete format changes can be easily done in less than ten minutes by only one operator. 

Hector is efficient. Up to 150 boxes per minute can be produced with high energy efficiency. The number of closing tools can be adapted to job characteristics. The same closing tool can be used if only the height of the box changes. 

Hector is reliable. The machine is an innovation from a robotics pioneer. The robot cell is mature to perfection. Together with the carton former and carton closer, it delivers automatically and consistently a high quality of your product. Hector ensures perfect squareness of the boxes and high process reliability. 

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