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Belt Bend KC

The curved conveyor for the universal use

Quick facts

You can customize its angle and radius - Simple, modular design
Minimum space requirement through low construction height
Quick installation and commissioning
Maintenance friendly design with low cost
Slip-free drive trough use of a deflection chain
Gentle transportation of even small fragile products
Proved very long lifetime - low total cost of ownership
Hygiene food safe design (FDA/HACCP)
Belt speed up to 150 m/min at outer radius
Belt load up to 100 kg
Washdown version available

The Transver type KC belt bend is built to a high standard of hygiene thanks to easy access, open design, and standardized stainless steel, providing numerous options. It, therefore, fits perfectly for applications in the food and non-food industry.  

With belt widths from 200 to 2’500 mm (in steps of 50 mm), angles between 30° and 270°, an inner radius as small as 330 mm, and a construction height of only 144 mm, the belt bend adapts optimally to all space conditions. The use of small, cylindrical end rollers of 10, 14 mm, or knife edges with a 3 mm radius allows gentle and precise transportation of even the most miniature products. Despite this, the KC curved conveyor accepts loads of up to 100 kg. The chain-driven belt guarantees a slip-free start-stop even with the heaviest loads. A simple belt change towards the center is another curved conveyor-type KC feature.   

Customized dimensions allow for seamless integration into your line.   

Ask for a wash-down version if you need it. 


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