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Angular Conveyor

Unique solution in the market: Align your products in limited space

Quick facts

Belt widths 250mm - 1800mm
From 25° to 45° - other angles possibles
Belt speed up to 60m/min
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Wide range from small to large products
Smart to spread and distribute the products
Stainless steel hygienic design optimized for food industry
You can customize it

The angular belt is Ideal for careful product handling, e.g., for spreading of products, transverse discharge of products, and transverse discharge and alignment in the product flow direction—standard belt widths between 250 mm and 1800 mm with a free choosable angle up to 45°. To fit your best possible needs, our innovative engineers developed the angular belt to be extremely short and with small radii of the belt edges to transport even the most petite goods reliably High standard of hygiene thanks to its open design and standardized stainless steel execution.

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Belt widths
250 mm – 1’800 mm
45° - other angles possible
Belt speed
up to 60 m/min
Load carrying capacity
up to 15 kg/m2