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Hygienic Conveyor for dry Cleaning

The ultimate intelligent cleaning design
Dry Cleaning Belt, Product Image - Transver

Quick facts

The highest hygienic standard in the market
Flexible size range
Compact design
Smart solution for cleaning
Easy to use
Easy maintenance

Highest hygienic standard : Its tape was designed with the most important attention to avoiding dirt particles and crumbs. For example, horizontal surfaces have been beveled or rounded so that crumbs do not fall off and remain lying down. The belt can be folded up head sections. In addition, the belt supports can be opened for easy cleaning

Execution :

Rolling deflection Ø 14mm (about 0.55 in)

Optional: 10mm (about 0.39 in), 54mm (about 2.13 in), knife edge R3mm (about 0.12 in)

Belt and roller scraper

Standard adjustable end roller units

Catch tray at the end of the belt

Easy belt change

Belt edge control

Folding head sections

Folding belt supports

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Width Options
150 to 1800 mm
Length Options
400 to 35'000 mm

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