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Demaurex: History

Demaurex logo.

Demaurex was founded in 1983 by Marc-Olivier Demaurex. In the early years, the company developed and manufactured, among other things, the mechanics for the Logitech computer mouse and produced an impressive number of automated systems for various applications. In 1988, Demaurex acquired the patent for the Delta robot, which was developed at the nearby technical university of Lausanne (EPFL). From then on, the focus was on the further development and application of the Delta robot, especially for food and confectionery handling. In 1999, Demaurex was sold to the company Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG). Five years later, Bosch Packaging Technology acquired SIG Pack and with it Demaurex. In 2018, Demaurex joined the Rotzinger Group.