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MF-Hamburg logo.

MF-Hamburg was founded, as the name suggests, in the city of Hamburg. This happened in 1994, when the company's founder, Moses Farahani, used his initials to give the company its name. Moses Farahani, who came from Iran, has been the subject of myths and legends even in his active days. Did he have ten or 20 German Marks in his wallet when he came to Germany? Did he even come by bicycle? Did he design a new machine in the time of a single flight between the USA and Germany? The fact is that the gifted engineer and self-made entrepreneur, thanks to his highly innovative ideas and his competence in realizing and selling them, has ensured the rapid growth and enormous popularity of MF-Hamburg. As early as XXXX, the company moved a few kilometers away to Tangstedt, where it is still located today. There, Farahani built a new building, which will also accommodate future growth. At the beginning of 2021, Moses Farahani sold the majority of his shares to the Rotzinger Group, of which MF-Hamburg has since become a member.