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MF-Hamburg: History

MF-Hamburg logo.

As the name suggests, MF-Hamburg was founded in the city of Hamburg. This happened in 1994, when the business's founder, Moses Farahani, used his initials to give the company its name. Moses Farahani, a highly skilled design engineer and self-made entrepreneur was the driving force behind the growth and success of MF-Hamburg. His innovative ideas and expertise in bringing them to market ensured the company's popularity and prominence in the industry. 

Thanks to his innovative ideas and competence in realizing and selling them, the gifted engineer has ensured the rapid growth and enormous popularity of MF-Hamburg. At the beginning of 2021, Moses Farahani sold a part of his shares to the Rotzinger Group, of which MF-Hamburg has since become a member. In 2023, MF-Hamburg moves its production facilities from Tangstedt to Viersen as part of a strategic consolidation of confectionery expertise within the Rotzinger Group. This move enables the group to offer products from a single location combining know-how and processes to create a basis for future growth and innovation.