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Rotzinger: History

Rotzinger logo.

Rotzinger was founded in 1948 by Karl Rotzinger. Initially, conveyor systems were manufactured primarily for outdoor use, for example to convey tiles onto roofs. Later Rotzinger gained a foothold in the automotive industry with conveyor systems. The first storage systems for mechanical parts were then developed. Well-known customers included VW, Audi and BMW. But Rotzinger was also successful in the pharmaceutical industry and could count on customers such as Roche.  At the turn of the millennium Rotzinger started a cooperation with the companies Swisslog and SIG. Through this cooperation Rotzinger established itself in the food and confectionery industry. In 2008 Fourtec took over the majority of the shares of the company from the Rotzinger family. The foundation stone for the Rotzinger Group was laid.