Bottle orientation

The system for asymmetric bottles and specific alignments
Bottle Orientation, PFB - Product Image

Quick facts

The feeding system design to comply with the most demanding standards
Extreme care for the bottle and adaptability to complex geometries
Hygienic design with direct view to the bottle
Without contamination due to particles in suspension and easy to clean
Rapid return of the initial investment and minimum maintenance

Either due to the container having handles, serigraphs or simply geometries that make it asymmetrical, the Packfeeder orienting modules provide fast and effective solution to the feeding requirements. This functionality can be integrated to all our pickFeeder and In-Line Series unscramblers. It is a simple and efficient operation.

Thanks to the little additional space requirement, our bootle orientation keeps the feeding and unscrambling of packages unit very compact.

The great ergonomics in its use and maintenance is thanks to the modularity in line concept.

Ability to feed packages on a belt or inserted into pucks has proven effectiveness in any asymmetric geometry that requires feeding.


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