Bottle cleaning

Rotzinger Group - Packfeeder's bottle cleaning solution

Quick facts

The feeding system design to comply with the most demanding standards
Extreme care for the bottle and adaptability to complex geometries
Hygienic design with direct view to the bottle
Without contamination due to particles in suspension and easy to clean
Rapid return of the initial investment and minimum maintenance

Our bottle cleaning solution respond to the needs of packaging lines, especially in demanding environments where hygiene requirements are high.

As a result of its simplicity of operation and efficiency, no maintenance is required.

It takes little extra space thanks to its small dimensions as it can be assembled with the bottle unscrambler keeping a unique monobloc for sorting and cleaning the bottles. It is a simple and intuitive operation.

Because of its adaptable to a wide range of geometries and materials it proves effectiveness with a great variety of bottles thanks to a simple but infallible turning and blowing system.

Accessories are available to achieve the level of hygiene required.

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