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Bottle puck loader

The system for unstable or delicate bottles & for line easy set-up
Bottle Puck Loader, PFB - Product Image

Quick facts

The feeding system design to comply with the most demanding standards
Extreme care for the bottle and adaptability to complex geometries
Hygienic design with direct view to the bottle
Without contamination due to particles in suspension and easy to clean
Rapid return of the initial investment and minimum maintenance

This module adapts to any Packfeeder bottle unscrambler ranges and existing packaging lines that use pucks to transport products. 

Its design is very easy-to-operate and efficient.

Thanks to the little additional space is requirement, our bottle puck loader ensures that the puck sorter assembly stays highly compact.

The outstanding ergonomics during use and maintenance is thanks to the in-line modularity concept.

It works with both closed and open pucks in any shape and size.

This module guarantees that 100% of the pucks are full after passing through the feeder with no additional sensors needed.

The system adaptable to existing puck production lines.


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