In-Line System

Simplicity is a must
Rotzinger Group - Packfeeder's In-Line System

Quick facts

Easy to use
Quick format change
Tool-free format change
Adjustments Free
Permanent Bottle Vision
Extreme container care
Small footprint
Compressed air free

The in-Line series from Packfeeder has a wide range of systems and models of machines for unscrambling bottles of different dimensions, characteristics and materials, with speeds that can be adapted to the different production needs.

Easy to use sorting technology fully intuitive and with excellent ergonomics thanks to the complete accessibility and visibility of the process.

The optimization of the format elements, the absence of adjustments, the easy access to the machine and the lightness of the accessories allows a rapid tool-free format change over 

Thanks to the use of simple physics and the absence of compressed air nozzles or dynamic rejection elements, all our bottle unscramblers provide excellent care to the packages while minimizing the use of energy, the noise level and the hygienic risk of these.

Small footprint. The highly compact system adapts to very small spaces thanks to the monoblock configuration of the hoper plus sorter.

The modularity of the in-Line series offers que possibility of incorporating other configurations like pucks transportation system, orientations of asymmetric bottles, cleaning systems and more.

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  • The feeding system design to comply with the most demanding standards
  • Extreme care for the bottle and adaptability to complex geometries
  • Hygienic design with direct view to the bottle
  • Without contamination due to particles in suspension and easy to clean
  • Rapid return of the initial investment and minimum maintenance

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