Monoblock – Continuous filling & capping machine
FLK VRM, HAN - Product Image

Quick facts

Small footprint
Combines advantages of linear filler and rotative capper
Automatic cleaning position
ATEX execution

With its small footprint, the FLK/VRM is a machine that combines advantages of linear filler and rotative capper.

It is a volumetric and mass-flow filling technology with the highest versatility for any product from water-like up to sticky/viscous characteristic.

The automatic cleaning position makes the machine user-friendly and is also operator-friendly for format changes.

It has an ATEX execution.


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Number of fill heads:
8 up to 12
Dosing volumes:
10 up to 1000 ml
Cap details:
Plugs, screw caps, press-on, caps, ROPP, caps, measuring, cups and pumps
Mechanical Output:
up to 200 bpm

Check out this installation FLK+VRM Monobloc for Pharma Application

Monobloc filling and capping line for pharmaceutical health care and cosmetic solutions, also available in ATEX execution. For more than 75 years, Rotzinger PharmaPack has been supplying complete filling and capping lines for pharmaceutical health care, cosmetic, food and non-food products to customers all over the world.