CPA 0110

Rework station for warehouses
CPA 0110, RPP - Product Page

Quick facts

Stations for manual aggregation
Multi reading auto focus system
Single and multiple camera systems

The CPA 0110 Rework Station is conntected to level 3 site management systems. It is equipped with a HMI, a serial number generator and a label printer. Further, a hand scanner enables the operator to scan codes and rework batches.

The Rework Station includes all functionalities of the CPI Rework Terminal. It is a ergonomic, height-adjustable working table with proper lighting as well as the corresponding PC hardware.

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depending on table size and used label printer (e.g. 4 or 6 inch, etc.)


  • Stations for manual aggregation
  • Integration kits for semi-automatic and automatic aggregation in e.g. bundlers, casepackers, palletizer, etc.
  • Multi reading auto focus system - no need to mechanically adjust the distance between product and camera
  • Single and multiple camera systems
  • Integration of different labelers and application units
  • Batch reports, peel or cutting of labels, external lightning, guided aggregation, automatic label application unit, OCV and inline grading