Gemini 5

Real-time based management system

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Gateway efficiency
Easy setup
Designed to integrate devices
Real-time audit
Adapted to your product applications

Join the robotics revolution with Demaurex's Gemini 5, a real-time-based management system that sets the standard for delta robots applications. The Gemini Vision transforms quality control into a seamless, user-friendly experience, supported by a robust technical specification. Whether it's the user-friendly interface, streamlined connectivity, or precision through advanced 3D treatment, Gemini 5 ensures your system is at the forefront of technology. Embark on a journey where innovation meets reliability, shaping the future of robotics.

Designed for speed, our Gemini system not only enhances your productivity but also meticulously preserves the integrity of your product. Trust in a solution that accelerates your operations without compromising quality.

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Can I implement this solution on an existing line?

Of course, we adapt to the characteristics of each company's production line.

Do I need qualified personnel to operate the equipment?

No, our aim is always to make the machine easy to operate and use. The machine is controlled from a screen with a very intuitive and visual system.

What kind of maintenance does the machine require?

Maintenance is simple and intuitive, and we also offer after-sales service to accompany the process.

Do we offer technical assistance?

Of course, we offer technical assistance from any of the group's centers. We also have the option of remote assistance.

Can I get my current Gemini maintained or upgraded?

Absolutely. Gain more safety with regular maintenance of your Gemini. We ensure high productivity and a long service life or upgraded into latest version. Get in contact with our service experts to learn more:

How does the Gemini platform adapt to technological advancements?

Demaurex evolves Gemini platform  in continue evolution to incorporate the latest innovations, ensuring peak performance.

What does long-term support for Gemini controllers entail in terms of component obsolescence?

Our long-term support for Gemini controllers includes acontant focus on cost maintenanceOur vision to sustainabiliy sets the target to be able to maintain the machines for a period of 20 years or more.

What strategies does Demaurex employ for the obsolescence management of controllers?

At Demaurex, we address obsolescence through strategic planning that includes preventative updates and upgrade options, thus ensuring the longevity and reliability of our controllers. Please contact our experts to learn more:

Stefan Suter, Technical Director.

Kambly SA, Trubschachen.

"Our productivity objectives are primarily based on the quality of our installations and the reliability of our partners. It’s for these reasons that we’ve opted for Demaurex packaging line. Our successful collaboration which has started several decades ago with the installation of the first Delta robot in Switzerland has enabled us to grow. We can only recommend Demaurex products and services."
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Kambly's factory lady shows the biscuit's blister packaged with  Demaurex Gemini driven delta robots
Eddy Coté, Director maintenance and engineering projects.

Leclerc, Canada.

"The products and services we have received from Demaurex in the past few years are of high quality. Furthermore, thanks to their recommendations and personalized approach, we have been able to improve our competitiveness and our production capacity. We would also like to point out the professionalism and the commitment of the Demaurex team."
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